[English version] Diagnosis of Mumps (Parotitis) in My Son

Hello, everyone!


Today, I would like to share our experience with our child being diagnosed with mumps during the vacation.

If your child experiences pain and fever around the jaw area, it could be a symptom of mumps, so I hope this can be helpful to you.

Our child attended a special lecture at an English academy for two weeks. It was a fun time where they conducted experiments, learned English, and sang songs.

However, on the 7th day of the lecture, we received a phone call from the academy. We became worried because our child was feeling unwell.

Although there was no fever or other symptoms, our child complained about jaw pain.


It was confusing because they seemed fine in the morning. But when we hurriedly returned home, we found our child crying in their room.

At that moment, I was truly shocked.

Our child is usually not the type to cry even when they are in pain, so seeing them cry so much made me realize how much pain they were in.

I was also taken aback to the point where tears welled up in my eyes.

When I looked at our child’s jaw, there was a cold pack attached to it.

I had thought of using a cold pack when I had pain somewhere, so I found one and applied it, not realizing how painful it would be.

Seeing their swollen jaw, I became really worried.


I immediately thought of taking our child to the hospital, and there was a family medicine clinic closest to our home, so we headed there.

However, our child was in so much pain that they couldn’t walk, so we had to drive.

But as we were driving, I remembered that there was an emergency room with a specialist in mumps just a 5-minute walk away from our home.

Luckily, we went there and registered, but there were several people waiting.

It was frustrating to wait for such a long time. Our child was in so much pain, and I became anxious and wanted to cry.

The receptionist said they couldn’t give an exact waiting time, and if we went to the emergency room, we would have to wait for a few more hours.

Hearing this, we decided to wait again, but our child’s fever started to rise.

Their pain was so severe that they couldn’t focus on anything, not even games, YouTube, or my phone.

Our child was struggling and said to me, “How long do we have to wait? Is my jaw broken? Do I need surgery?”

Seeing our child in such pain, every minute felt like an hour.

I really wished I could take their pain away.


After going through twists and turns, we finally entered the consultation room, and the doctor diagnosed it as a typical case of mumps.

They also referred to it as parotitis.

I had heard the term mumps before, but I didn’t know exactly what it meant, so I was surprised.

The doctor asked if our child had received a vaccination, and I replied that they had.

The doctor mentioned that usually, it doesn’t get as severe after vaccination, but our child’s case was a bit more severe.

They also mentioned that it seemed like our child had caught it from somewhere else.


They explained that there is no specific treatment to eliminate the virus itself, only symptomatic treatment is possible.

Our child received intravenous fluids to relieve their pain, and I found it really difficult to see our child in such intense pain because I had never witnessed it before.

However, after receiving fluids and pain medication, our child started to regain their strength.

The doctor prescribed pain and inflammation medication, and we contacted the academy to inform them that our child couldn’t attend due to their condition.

As our child came home, their jaw on both sides started to swell, and they even.

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